Bayne BTL Series

Bayne BTL Series
Part No: BAYNE-BTLS1110
Part No: BAYNE-BTLS1112

• BTLS110 Loading Height: 38″ – 39″
• BTLS1112 Loading Height: 40″ – 41″
• 400 lbs Lifting Capacity
• 20″ Ground Clearance
• Works Well with Kick Bars

This lifter was specifically designed to offer greater ground clearance for rear load applications,
thus reducing the risk of damaging the lifter on uneven terrain such as alley way entrances, etc.

Part No: BAYNE-BTLS1114
• 42″ Loading Height
• Carrier Cans

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BAYNE-BTL Series BAYNE-BTLS1110-1112-1114

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