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Reeving Systems
Part No: M-REEVING-6061-XX
Reeving Cylinder Winch
Comes with Sheave Block or Roller for Tailgate

• Quieter
The cylinder has no noisy gear motors or sprockets. Its hydraulic
mechanism is quieter.
• More Efficient
Winch motors lose power to high back pressure. Winch gears lose power
to friction. Neither of these losses occur with the cylinder design.
• Faster
The cylinder reeving system can raise an eight yard container in as little as 8 seconds.
• Better Control
The smooth operation of the cylinder together with a handle mounted throttle
advance switch allows you better control of large containers.
• Greater Capacity
Rated 15,000 lbs line pull will handle heavier containers.
• Longer Cable Life
Because the cable operates on large 8″ diameter sheaves, it does not tangle over
itself or wind up layer upon layer. This greatly increases cable life and reduces
downtime. Holtz Reeving System comes with a heavy duty cable and swivel
hook with safety latch that is MADE IN THE USA!!!

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