PERKINS-PC2020 | Automated Front Loader Can


Automated Front Loader Can
Part No: PERKINS-PC2020

• Featuring Smooth, Controlled Extension Thanks To A Helical Rotary Actuator
• Valve Bank Fully Protected Within Compartment
• Thin Arms Slide Between Carts Easily!

-Compatible to ANSI Type G Automated Carts
-Easily Fits Up To Standard FL Forks,
Can Be Removed In Minutes
-4 Cubic Yard Capacity Can
-400 lbs Lift Capacity, 54″ Extension/Reach
-45 Degree Dump Angle
-Self-Lubricated Bearings for Lower Maintenance Requirements
-Safety Yellow Powder-Coated Finish
-Proportional Valve Bank
-Fast Cycle Times
-Adjustable Flow Control Valve

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