Pioneer PowerGlide System
Part No: PIONEER-HR2500

A versatile, affordably-priced tarping system with slide carriage design and hydraulic gantry allow the PowerGlide to
cover containers of various heights and lengths. Easy to install and is virtually maintenance free!

• Carriage slides forward and backward 24″ to accomodate various size containers
• Adjustable gantry moves 60″ to 96″
• Direct drive hydraulic motor provides smooth, quiet operation
• Suitable for multiple axle roll-off hoists or single axle hoists with containers up to 24′
• Heavy duty torsion springs provide a 10-15 year service life
• Heavy duty windscreen prevents whipping of the tarp, which results in longer tarp life
• Reinforced rear pocket provides increased strength, extending the life of the tarp
• Can be installed in 8 hours
• Maintenance-free slider carriage bearings provide easy movement and will last the life of the system
• Hydraulic system requires less maintenance and is more durable than electric systems

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PIONEER-HR2500 PowerGlide

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