Air Weigh Refuse Vehicle Scales

An on-board scale is an indespensible tool that provides accurate and reliable refuse vehicle weights. Drivers get important information including
drive axle weight, steer axle weight, GVW and net payload on an easy to ready in-dash display. Air Weigh scales also include features to
help fleets manage vehicle weight more effectively, such as alarm outputs and interfaces to on-board computers.
Can be configured with LoadMaxx and Quickload.

• Reduces Liability
• Vehicles Function Safely When Properly Loaded-Accidents Less Likely
• Eliminates Over load Fines
• Reduction in Maintenance Costs
• Increase Longevity of the Truck and Its Resale Value
• Efficiently Optimize a Legal Load Before Leaving Route-Not Too Heavy, Not Too Light
• Number of Trips to Disposal Site Reduced as is Fuel Consumption
• More Time Hauling (Revenue Generating); Less Time Dumping (Cost Generating)
• Make Weight Based Disposal Site Decisions at Point of Pick-Up
• Shows All Axle Group Weights, GVW and Payload on a Convenient In-Dash Display
• Two Programmable Alarm Outputs for Over Weight Indication and/or Automatic Control of Vehicle Operations
• Compensation for Altitude, Barometric Pressure and Temperature Variations
• In Dash or Pod Mounted Display


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