BinMaxx FEL Scale

• Weigh Each Individual Commercial Container
• Identifies Non-Profitable Accounts for the Purpose of Maximizing Profitability
• Compare Revenue to Disposal Costs on a Customer by Customer Basis
• Weigh In Motion Arm Mounted Scale
• Does Not Change Drivers Normal Lifting Routine
• Sensors Placed Out of Harms Way
• Cab Mounted Display
• Container Content Weight Displayed
• Lift Number Displayed
• Stores Up To 1,000 Lifts
• Weight Data Can Be Downloaded
• Arm Mounted Deflection Sensors
• Sensor Location Reduces Calibration Frequency
• Designed for Durability in the Refuse Environment
• Temperature Compensation
• Accurate Weights Over Temps from -40 degs to 185 deg F
• Withstands Shock and Vibration (SAE Approved)
• Can Be Integrated To On-Board Computer

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