PER-D6400 | Perkins Rotary E-Tuck TuckAway Lifter

Perkins E-Tuck TuckAway Lifter
Part No: PER-D6400

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• TuckAway Cart Lifter has cart-grabbing action that lifts cart on uneven terrain and varying heights
• This unit can recess under the hopper, and when combined with a sill extension modification kit
your rear loader can operate both commercial and residential routes
• Works well with or without kick bars (PER-D6405 & PER-D6400)
• Powerful 27K rotary actuator for smooth and dependable lifting action
• The shape of the lifter adapts to your truck
• Simple operation and construction
• Greaseless bearings reduce maintenace costs
• Loading Height: 35″- 42″
• PER-D6405 has adaptable feature so it can be mounted
as Tuck-Away or straight up and down for hoppers with
light panels that may hit
• Mounts 35″-42″

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